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Focusing at Work

IT Services

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Bridge360 develops systems meant to address website, web app, mobile app, and hybrid mobile app issues from developing these from scratch to improving already established websites or apps. We also do maintenance and archiving for those systems we develop or improve.


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System Design and


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UI/UX Design

IT services-11.png

IT Consultancy

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Infrastructure as

a Service

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Mobile/Web App


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Rapid Prototyping

IT services-13.png

Data Encoding

IT services icons-03.png

Cloud Migration and data backup

IT services-05.png

Website Design and


IT services-09.png

Digital Marketing

IT services-14.png

Data Management

IT services icons--05.png

Disaster Recovery

as a Service

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Scanning Services

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Data Analysis

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Security and compliance

We are currently introducing the Progressive Web Application solution to our clients for a more mobile and web friendly application especially in rural areas in the Philippines; this approach is highly compatible with the needs of any developing country where low-end smartphones are still run with 2G and 3G signals. With this in mind, we aim to help and support NGOs, StartUps, CSOs, SMEs and the public sector in the Philippines and other developing countries.

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