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Bridge360 welcomes interns who want to harness their skills in software development. An intern may be a college undergraduate or fresh graduate of computer science or any related courses, or someone who wants to change career. An intern must have prior knowledge in software development.

For those interested, email with subject name:

Internship_Fullname, FrontEnd/Any-position, Client_CompanyName.

Job Vacancies

We mainly cater NGOs, SMEs, etc. in order to bridge the gap between different social strata, on one hand, and between public and private sectors, on the other hand. The company has many advocacies including support for the environment. Join us and be part of the innovation system.

Minimum qualifications:

  1. At least has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or any related courses otherwise, at least 2 years of experience in web or mobile development. ( for developers only)

  2. Experienced in software development.

  3. Must have experience in the same field that we are looking for.

We usually hire developers with strengths in:

  1. BackEnd – with Python, Django

  2. FrontEnd – with Angular, ReactJS

  3. Full Stack

NOTE: We hire junior or senior developers depending on the project so, if you are a fresh graduate but have met the qualifications we require, you are welcome to apply. We also hire other positions such as Network Specialist, Project Manager, QA Testers, etc.

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You may send your CV/Resume and portfolio at

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