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AI Products


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Bridge360 develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools as well as other solutions to Information Communication Technology issues using 3D technology. ​We also do Data Mining, Big Data Analysis and Quantitative Modeling.





Data Encoding


3D Design and Printing


Data Management


AI Design and Development


Data Analysis

3D Printer

We have in-house Data Scientist and Engineers who take on the challenges of AI capability development, data analytics, low-cost drone systems construction and robotics. The tools that we use include Python for data mining, wrangling, big data analytics, machine learning, and visualization. Our data science tools include SQL, Sklearn, Keras, Dask, and Spark among others. Our experience with Web app development employing AI has been with the use of tools like Dash, Flask, and Nginx. Among our Data Analytics and Quantitative Modeling tools are MATLAB, R Studio, and Excel Drafting.  Our 3D modeling experience has involved AutoCAD Civil3D, Autodesk Fusion 360, Draftsight, Google Sketchup, Geovia Surpac, and Blender3D.

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Our team has already developed a photo-colorizing system employing AI. It colorizes black and white images instantly and realistically. It has started only initially as a low-resolution colorizer. Now, with application through time, it colorizes with higher resolution images, again instantly and realistically. 


We are capable of developing systems using AI as per your needs. Contact us for more details.

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