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Events and Seminars

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We have workshops in Innovation & Design Thinking which includes:

Systems Thinking

Holistic Problem Diagnosis

Design Thinking

Innovation Leadership

Digital Transformation Planning and Implementation

Teacher Assisting a Student

The Bridge360 core team conducts lectures for students, professionals and businesses, on one hand, and members of the government sector, on the other hand, to help them understand how they may be able to transform their enterprises using the basic tools for Web and Mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Design, and Digital Solutions development. The intention is to challenge private and public sectors to consider integrating these technologies into their enterprises as they adapt to the demands of their constantly changing environment.

We show how helpful these tools are both for the private and public sectors in dealing with their intended targets.


We offer short courses from single lecture activities to whole day activities on Mathematical Logic for Business Enterprises, Introduction to the Theory of Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Applied Artificial Intelligence, 3D Designing (Printed 3D of your work will be given to you), Drone Construction, Systems Thinking for Leaders and Design Thinking for solution developers and designers.

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