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What is Bridge360?

See what we are all about.


Social Tech Enterprise advocating solutions to wicked problems that few dare to solve.

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A world where more people are empowered to marry the concern for social justice, environmental justice, and public and private

sectors interest using information & technology systems.

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Who Are We?

Our History

In May of 2017, a group of mining engineers and a digital artist agreed to meet and talk about mining issues and how to help the mining industry namely Engr Prince Javier, Engr Rejiel Gonzales, Engr Amando Reyes IV, and Edis Villahermosa. They started as a Filipino-founded organization (NGO) aiming to employ disruptive as well as innovative ideas and technologies. to promote the partnership of the mining industry with other sectors as those involved with visual arts, exhibits, and other fora.


   In September of 2017, the group was able to join the Mining Philippines conference and exhibition as one of the exhibitors with Engr Gonzales being asked to be one of the panelists in one of the sessions. There, the first augmented reality project of the group was created and showcased. The team was able to showcase its creativity in dealing with mining issues with use Information Communication Technology. 


   In November 2017, the group had become one of the finalists in a worldwide competition organized by the Society of Mining Engineers (SME). The theme was how to change the perception of the communities toward mining through innovative means. The team went to Minnesota, USA last February 2018 to present the team’s project, MineTrack. MineTrack was envisioned to be both a web and a mobile application serving as mining industry data aggregator.


   In June 2018, Engr Gonzales together with Engr Javier had come to a realization of the need to transform the team from an NGO for mining industry form into a Social Tech enterprise that aims to address wicked problems in the Philippines. It was hoped by the two that solutions to wicked problems in the country can be formulated, laid down and shared by local talents. By coincidence within the same month, Engr Gonzales and Engr Javier had been asked to speak during a mini-technical symposium at the Ascott center in Makati, on one hand, and MineCon annual conference in Surigao, on the other hand. They talked about technological advancements in mining that Bridge360 could possibly contribute given the opportunity.


   In September 2018, another Bridge360 team had been finally established in its present form. The two members, Engr Gonzales, and Engr Javier had welcomed the addition to the team of Engr Jose Eduardo Cerillo II (electrical engineer), and U.P. Assoc. Professor Agerico de Villa (Philosophy of Science teacher).

Abstract Background

Company Objectives


Bridge360 aims to bridge the gap between different industries through information technology services such as web and mobile applications, AI tools, and 3D Printing.


Bridge360 specifically aims to:

  1. Bridge the gap between traditional culture and the culture brought about by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  2. Publish materials such as videos, animations, infographics, books, articles, blogs, vlogs, and similar educational and informative tools.

  3. Establish an epistemic community that is expected to produce critical thinkers, systems thinkers, design thinkers, experts in AI, and executives of AI enterprises

  4. Create an environment where prediction and trending are the norms

  5. Establish ICT R & D capability in terms of hardware, software, and people-ware. 



As the nation progressively adapts to the digital world of commerce, Bridge360 Inc. aims to aid in its development and give a more efficient, innovative, and quality services.


Our company is greatly proud as we offer services not just IT solutions but also continues to develop and improve our own products and projects that encompasses making an impact to the economy. We are also advocating digital transformation of society in the areas of education, environment, health, responsible mining, and good governance.


Honesty & Integrity


Tolerance & Forbearance


Fairness to all Stakeholders


Creativity in the form of

Innovativeness & Inventiveness

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