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Our Products

Space Telescope

Adal EMS (Education Management System) is revolutionizing education management. Experience the future of education with a system that streamlines operations, enhances communication, and personalizes learning experiences. 
From admissions to graduation, Adal EMS automates student lifecycle management, ensuring smooth transitions and accurate records in scheduling system, finance, and learning tools.
It also has predictive analytics which leverage data analytics to identify potential issues before they become problems, enabling proactive decision-making.


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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Portal provides a platform for the trading and exchange of Waste Diversion Credits to promote sustainability proactively and contribute to the sustainability of the Philippine recycling industry. It was designed and managed by the Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability (PARMS) which serves as the marketplace for these credits.
PARMS is a leading voice in the Philippine waste management landscape and has been instrumental in the passage of the Republic Act 11898 or the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Law of the Philippines, which is a landmark law that requires producers of plastic packaging to take responsibility for the collection, recycling, and disposal of their products at the end of their life. 

In line with these developments, we invite your esteemed organization to contribute to our mission by joining the EPR program. Your participation will be integral in lessening the environmental footprint of consumer products, promoting recycling and reuse, and fostering a circular economy.

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Project Moses

Project Moses is a Crisis Response Toolbox that aims to be an all-in-one web dashboard for Filipinos in times of calamity and crisis mainly and should still be

relevant even in times of peace. We are starting with a Virtual Triage that could match patients with hospitals. It is a publicly accessible collaboration tool using Information Communication Technology (ICT) meant to connect COVID-19 response actors.

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Got an Idea? Let's make it happen!


Wayste PH is an on-demand waste pick-up for your homes and businesses. We plan to be the UBER of the WASTE Industry.

We aim to make Philippines and other emerging markets a cleaner and greener place to live in. Help us build the mobile application that would connect waste disposers, garbage collectors, and waste processors, users, and recyclers with each other.

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Image by Visual Karsa

360POS is a simple point-of-sale system for small to medium-sized gasoline company with web monitoring and online reporting.

Through the POS Software and Dashboard, reports on operation can be remotely seen.

Modern Office

Kuote is a company management information system in the creation and approval of quotations forwarded as engineering specifications to the production team.


Bridge 360 provides a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) named Global Cloud Solutions. We manage third-party replications and hosting of physical or virtual servers which allows fail over in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe for companies.


MOBI PRO aims to bring to the market a cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable alternative for mobility profiling. This tech-based system not only measures key skills-related physical fitness parameters but can also be used to create fun and innovative ways of training whether at the gym or in an athletic conditioning environment.

Mobile app available for Androids in Google Play and can be viewed in this link (

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