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Seminars, News, highlights in the company!


The Final Pitch, Season 5


The Final Pitch is one of the platforms that we participated on. With our CEO taking the lead, we made it to the semi-finals of season 5. In this televised program, we chose to introduce WaystePH. 


WaystePH is one of our products that aims to address one of the biggest problem in the country i.e., waste. This involves adapting a new system which will also encompass the lifestyle of the people by using our waste management app.


Bridge360 continues to participate in different pitching programs for promotion of the company and to seek investors who will support our developments. 


Our company, like any other businesses, needs investors for us to sustain and improve our products and developments making it a reality.

Video link here (

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Tech Guys It's Friday
(TGIF) - A web series


TGIF is an online discussion hosted by our very own CEO, Engr. Rage Gonzales, via facebook live. We usually invite individuals to share about their expertise and perspectives that encompasses the topic for the day.


Generally, we talk about topics that will prepare our nation for the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolution. Bridge360 advocates for critical and analytical thinking, digital transformation, human rights, and environment. 


The T.G.I.F. event serves as your cyber tambayan for discussions on tech, artificial intelligence, mental models and future of work, innovations, environment, sustainability, politics, and any topic where the technology is applied and may help in influence. We need to push human intelligence to its limit to push Filipino society forward.

Check out our FB Page for episode 1 (

Web Design

European Digital Week Forum 2020 (Nov 2020)

Our CEO, Rage Gonzales, have been invited to European Digital Week(EDW) as a guest speaker to impart knowledge about women entrepreneurship & digital technologies. 

We couldn't be more proud of her in representing women and our country in this event conducted last September 21-26, 2020.


Bangon Batangas (January 2020)​​

Co-organized the outreach program for the victims of Taal Volcano eruption.

StatZero Challenge (March 2020)

Participated and won the Zero Disease challenge under this link (

#HackForBetterDays (April 2020)

Participated and won 2nd place on #HackForBetterDays under this link (

7th National TechnoFest2020 of FEU (Oct 2020)​​

Our CEO, Rage Gonzales is one of the judges to today's 7th National TechnoFest2020 of FEU.


Meet the full panel of Climate Reality Leaders and technology experts who sit as judges for the 7th National TechnoFest 2020: Engineering and Information Technology Virtual Conference, where they will evaluate and give advice on projects conceptualized by engineering and computer studies students from the Far Eastern University Institute of Technology.

Ms. Rejiel Gonzales who is the Founder and CEO of two social tech startups— Bridge360 IT Solutions and Wayste PH. She also works as the Innovation Specialist of Plan International Philippines. She gives leadership, environmental, and techno-preneurial talks to students and communities. She hopes to help solve the country’s problems through innovation and technology, such as AI development, 3D technology, and robotics. In her spare time, she participates in dragon boat competitions, guides bird watching activities, and plays music.

Ms Rage was trained as a Climate Reality Leader during 2020’s Global Training in July.

#Technofest2020 is organized by the Far Eastern University Institute of Technology and is co-presented by The Climate Reality Project Philippines.

Office Meeting

The Cooler Earth 2020

Recovery, Resilience, Responsibility: 

Humanity is at a crossroads. With the unprecedented global climate emergency, we are seeing tipping points with social and environmental upheaval in countries worldwide. The conversation around social inequalities and injustice has risen to the fore. The unprecedented pandemic has put us through a stress test of a world impacted by various environmental and social risks. We can neither live in denial nor ignore the need for urgent action. The new normal is all about Recovery, Resilience, and Responsibility. Only sustainable businesses and communities can emerge stronger and better prepared for future challenges.


Join CIMB and its knowledge partners, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Impacto, and Think City at The Cooler Earth 2020. The Cooler Earth is our mission to convene global citizens, experts and important stakeholders to deliberate on what you can do today as an individual and as a business to shape a more sustainable tomorrow.


Webinar: Opportunities for Circular Economy Post COVID-19 in the Philippines, by CEC Manila

Come and join the Circular Economy Club #manila and our Founder/CEO Rage Gonzales together with some of the experts on Circular Economy like Ms. Cecilia Martinez-Miranda, Mr. Laurence Lumagbas and Mr. Carlo Delantar, together with Ms. Angela Chen of Eskwelabs on 27 October 3pm Malaysia time. Join us by clicking #circulareconomy post #covid19awareness.

Social Innovation Forum


One of the goals of our company is to enlighten the people especially the youth on how we can open, grow and apply our innovative minds. The world is digitally going forward and technology is already within our hands. With this, we should mold and use it to improve the system and strive for a better, fairer, cleaner, and greener world.

We also have partnerships with Global Shapers Community - Manila Hub during Social Conversations events.

santas on wheels banner.jpg

Santas on Wheels


This has been an initiative begun on December 2017. With too many unused clothing, toiletries, and other things we own, they tend to clutter the house. While we have these stuffs, some people almost do not have anything. Other people’s trash can be other people’s treasure. And so, like-minded people have gathered to donate money and their things, re-packaging these, and  have helped in the distribution of these to poor homeless Filipinos.

As of now, the project has distributed 100 loot bags filled with towels, pillows, canned goods, toiletries, used clothing, some school supplies, etc. to homeless Filipinos and families within Quezon City (around Diliman) and Pasay City (along Roxas Blvd). Volunteers have distributed these using their bicycles, motorcycles, or cars.

Annually hoping for more people to participate the cause and to distribute a hundred more loot bags!

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