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Geek Heaven

Geek heaven to me. Has kept me going for hours one night. “Galing” has been one response. “This means so much to me,” has been another. I have learned to colorise using a tool our team data scientist has discovered on the net. He has tweaked it and here it is, I am using it (Bridge360 AI Kolor).

Colorising photographs from the past is putting more information available for anyone to connect with. Emotionally, this is so powerful. Intellectually, this is so revealing.

Colorising monochrome photographs of my friends’ parents long gone, or photographs from their childhood now that they are in their retirement age, has given me so much joy to no end. I do it everyday and I am not about to stop.

Each output is a challenge and I learn more from each. I give so much happiness for sure for each that I am able to give friends. What more can I ask for beyond making so many so happy while at the same time get challenged each time as if I am detective out to track some serial criminal.

The tool is simply that, a tool. One can mess up with it or can create some masterpiece with it. Trick is to find out how to improve the inputs one feeds the system, find out the best template to use, and finally how to improve further the output with other tools one can get one’s hands on. This is what is geeky about it — the output is as different from one geek to another and, therefore, so much to share with other geeks.

Of course, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Here is my favorite. The photograph is one taken during the Army Navy Club ball of the UP 1935 ROTC Corps Command. The command has been led by my uncle, farthest gentleman to the left — they have volunteered to join the fight in Bataan and have ended up suffering Death March.


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