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      Bridge360 addresses the characteristic demands of the functional and technical requirements for a data system as well as the development and implementation of a data system based on those requirements. This involves the process of defining the architecture, database, system standards and components, and the data elements.  Here, we highlight client involvement, input, and review throughout the entire process believing that these are hallmarks of a high-quality data system.


    Bridge360 conducts workshops, preferably with the clients as already indicated, on information communication technology issues brought to us. In the process, we lay down the conceptual framework together with the tools with which we think the issues can be addressed. Once the conceptual framework has been laid down and agreed upon with the client, we go into the development mode of the tools needed.


      We develop systems in phases using processes as per System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) standards. Our team begins work on the system design and development processes identified once the client has expressed agreement. This means that the client has accepted the high-level plan for a new data system or data system enhancement (optional: with us) to be established. The phases and processes end when the system or enhancement is deployed as per the client objectives.

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